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Useful Info


Two-Factor authentication, (or 2FA, for short) strengthens login security by requiring a second piece of information — a second factor beyond your password. The second piece of information is usually a temporary code delivered by a device in your possession, such as your phone. It may also be something on your body, such as a fingerprint.

How do I set-up 2FA?

Step 1 - Install a 2FA app--the apps recommended by Valor Staff are Google Auth or Authy.

Step 2 - Link your discord account, then run '/2fa' followed by '/2fa confirm' in-game

Step 3 - Scan the Code that will be DM'd to you by the Valor Bot into your Authenticator app, or enter the provided code manually.

If entering manually, Valor uses timer 2fa.

Step 4 - When logging in, use the code provided by your Authenticator app, and enter in the "Auth Code" section.

2FA Rewards

Every once in a while, Valor Staff will offer special cosmetic items, or similar such things to all users with 2FA enabled. So you lose nothing but gain tons of security!