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Suggestion Guidelines

Hey! Do you have an idea on how to make Valor better but are unsure of how to get your ideas rated by other players?

The place to go is the #Suggestions channel! Players and Staff can directly up or down-vote your suggestion and give feedback to you in order to help make it better. Before you make that post though, here are a set of rules that Valor staff have put in place in order to best filter suggestions.

  • Follow the format. Use your title to give a general summarization of your idea, use the body-section of your suggestion to write why you think this is an important suggestion. What is the current state of the thing you want changed, then describe how--and most importantly why--it should be changed.
  • One suggestion per post; one post, per six hours. Do not make numerous posts for the same suggestion, these will be deleted and you will be warned. Moreover, while it is recommended to post only once per six hours, if you have a habit of putting out banger suggestions, this could be lenient.
  • Think out your entire idea before you make a post. While coming back and making edits to a post are great, releasing a suggestion thats just a title and 'WIP' is not a good call. Write out everything first and then create your suggestion; thats where you get the feedback!.
  • Review the patchnotes before making a suggestion. Sometimes players make suggestions for things that they are unaware were changed. For example, if I make a suggestion that says "Remove Soul Buster from Zol Shard"--the Soul Buster has not been in the Zol Shard for numerous updates.
  • Review the suggestions channel before making your post. If you have a great idea it does not hurt to check the channel for ideas that are similar to yours. At best you learn your idea is completely original, at worst: you have a brand new ally to craft your suggestion with.
  • NO TROLL POSTS. Any troll post will be deleted and the user responsible will be punished.
  • Only respond to suggestions with the '👍' or '👎'. Valor Staff who take particular fondness to a suggestion may reply with a special badge.