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What is it?

Premium testing otherwise known as "premtesting, testing or sandbox" is pop up server, generally over a weekend. It has a completely unique database and account system. Testing should not be confused with Challenge League, which operates as it's own seperate event.

These sessions are almost exclusively hosted on the weekends. They may be the full weekend, or just an afternoon depending on availability.

How To Join

Premium Testing will be published in the discord at least five days in advance. Keep an eye on #announcements and the website for notices.

Testing requires the Premium rank or above, which may be viewed here.. We offer an occasional sneak peak at new content, as well as sandboxing to project donators.

If you are Premium or above you will be able to see #prem-testing. The client will be posted the day of the testing in the channel. Any other instructions will be uploaded. When playing for the first time, you will need to sign out

Note: Sometimes we do offer these sessions to VIP & above instead of Premium. This would be noted in the announcement.

Next Session: January 28th, 2022.


/testing - Maxes, and ascends you if you run it again. Also gives currencies. Trial tokens, gold, onrane, sor frags and more.
/l20 - Sets you to level 20.
/give - Gives any item from ( Ex: /give abomination key /give tunnel of pain key
Access too all donor perks, skins etc, make sure to run /test first.
/unlockaspects - unlock aspects.

History of Testing Sessions

12/04/2022 - Dec Testing Session 10/29/2022 - October Testing Session 07/17/2022 - July Testing Session