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By now, you may have already seen those cool looking Vial potions you can not drink just yet. Welcome to Ascension! Ascending is accomplished by using Lost/Super Scriptures. In order to ascend, make sure you are all of the following:

Maxed 12/12 [Every Single Stat is Maxed]

Have 50,000 Base Fame

Have 10 Stars on your account

The Mark Shop


The Mark Shop allows for the purchase of Marks for 330 Onrane and Nodes for the cost of 70 Onrane. This shop can be accessed in the form of a button in the top left of your screen in the nexus, this button will resemble the Lost Scripture #1. In order to unlock access to the Markshop, you will need to use a Lost Scripture #1.


Maxing 24/24


Ready to finally drink these vials?! In order to do so you must use a Lost/Super Scripture #2. You must drink 10 of each vial to unlock 24/24 and Vials can be found in most endgame content such as Raids, Dungeons and Ascended Dungeons. Vials can also be crafted by combining 2 greater potions.