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Q: What is the best class?

A: There is no objectively best class in Valor, Thats the beauty of it, though the most generally agreed upon would be Mechanic and Ninja for DPS, Paladin for Healing, Drax and Wizard for Burst Damage, Knight for survivability.

Q: Why game no work?????

A: The game does! Check out the solutions in Common Problems.

Q: What is "Godstruck"

A: When inflicted with godstruck you cant be invulnerable (Jackets, Lumi, Avalanche). Currently this effect is only given by Avalanche seal at approximately double the invul time. BEWARE USING AVALANCHE AROUND BMS AS YOU MAY CUASE THEM TO DIE

Q: How do I get gold fast?

A: Participate in raids, farm realm event bosses and oryx, and farm mad labs. If you are desperate, you can farm illsuions though this is significantly harder then the rest. Raids grant a bunch of chances at legendary and even ancient relic items, along with gold cache and coin drops. Realm events can also drop gold caches, as well as legendary and ancient relic items (That drop from Larry Gigsman and Yazanahar). If you want to get rich quick, you can also purchase items and gold from other players using IRL currency. This action is called real-world-trading, or RWT for short. To find out more about real world trading and Valor's policy on it, visit here:

Q: What's the best beginner class to play?

A: It's probably best to play a ranged class such as huntress or even wizard as you start out, so that you have a fair amount of range to let you snipe bosses from a distance while figuring out their phases and attack patterns. Though if you're looking for the best, most inexpensive dps character, then blademaster is likely a good option for you, having access to very cheap powerful gear early on with high dps capabilities.

Q: How much is an Item?

A: You can use /pc to check the current market price of an item. BEWARE OF UNDERCUTTERS AND SHARKERS

Q: Does dealing dmg increase drop rate?

A: No, dealing damge beyond soulbound only helps keep/get you in the AR threshold. For more infomation see below

Q: How do I get ARs (ancient relics)? Is there an AR threshold?

A: While nobody knows for sure and the details are kept under wraps by the developer team, players have reached the conclusion that Ancient Relics typically drop for top damagers. So if you're in a small group of maybe around 5 to 10 people, all of the people in the group get a chance at an ancient relic. In big groups, only a small number of the big group actually get a chance at dropping an AR. This theory has yet to be disproven.

Q: How is Wis Mod calculated for the item pages?

A: When listing the WisMod for abilities, I create a class of whatever the ability is for, ascending and maxing to 24/24. I then drop any armor, weapon, and ring equipped, having only the item being checked on in question.